Welcome to the Johnston Senior Center (JSC)

 1291 Hartford Ave. Johnston Rhode Island 02919

401-944-3343 fax 401-944-3560

The JSC is a Nationally Accredited Senior Center by the National Institute of Senior Centers

Unit of the National Council on Aging

Come in for a Visit, take a Tour, we'd love to have you Belong to the "Best Senior Center in the State"

The JSC Membership fee is $10.00 Annually.

New Member Application

Member renewal is due by June 30th of each year.   

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The JSC is a federally recognized, non profit organization, under the tax exempt 501 (c)3 Internal Revenue code. All contributions and donations are tax deductible. 

Administrative Staff

Director : Anthony Zompa          Assistant Director: Mildred Santilli          Center Coordinator: Denise Bell

                                                                        JSC Advisory Board                                                                           

Rhonda Sasa--Chair, Town Wide                                                  Peter Lombardi Jr.--VC District 2

Stephanie Gesualdi--Secretary--Division 3                                    Mary Cerra--District 1

Joseph Quartino--District 4                                                            Peter Susi--Town Wide 

Lila Zuchowski--District 5